About Us

A beautiful case of passion for the profession is how Themed Garden came into existence. We are young plant specialists, with love and passion for growing, offering an ever-increasing range of flower varieties grown from seed or from cuttings. Our Team is a group of full time and part-time professionals who have got together to fulfil their passion for the outdoors.
In a diversified country like ours, we are lucky to have different climatic conditions and soils in each State, our Team of young plant enthusiasts have specialized knowledge and offer consultation to our clients to choose plants best suited for their regional climatic conditions along with detailed step by step care of their garden and plants.
We have specialized logistical tie-ups with leading courier services for last-mile deliveries.
Each order is packed with utmost care and love, sorted by region and dispatched by the most efficient courier service for that region.
We do everything under one roof from production to packing enabling us to give unmatched quality when our plants are received by our clients.
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