Kalanchoe Beharensis Maltese Cross

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Kalanchoe Beharensis Maltese Cross Online. Rare Succulent Plant Available In India. Felt Bush

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Velvetleaf plant with rippled leaves some of which will turn a bronze-brown colour. One of the rare plants available in India.
Order Includes 
PlantThe size of the plant is 3 inches approx
PotThe size of the pot is 3 inch approx. The colour of the pot may vary as per the availability.
Soil MixThe plant soil is a mixture of cocopeat, red soil, vermiculite and slow-releasing fertilizers.
In general, succulents are packed and sent just like any other plants. In some special cases, where the ornamental plants' leaves are very delicate and have the chance of rotting. In such case, the plant is uprooted, dry roots and packed separately along with Soil Mixture and Pot. The succulents are hardy plants which store the water in the fleshy leaves and stems and survive without water for days during the transportation. Themed Garden Packing team take utmost care of the plants during the packing to minimize the leaves damage.
Plant Care
Sunlight - In full sun the plant will have a silver-grey colour with many leaves turning brown. It can also be kept at semi-shade areas with indirect bright sunlight.
Water - Moisture dry out between waterings
Maintenance Will develop a bare stemmed with age. Prune back to produce a fuller plant.

The image shown is for reference purpose. The actual plant may slightly vary in size and colour. 

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