Sansevieria ‘Black Jack’ In 4 Inch Pot

Sansevieria ‘Black Jack’ In 4 Inch Pot

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Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Black Jack’ is a perennial snake plant cultivar that has dark green leaves and a striking golden-yellow edge.

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This evergreen perennial native to tropical West Africa and Nigeria is a great addition to any office or household as a natural air purifier. Snake plants have strong and sturdy, sword-shaped leaves which are drought tolerant and retains the plants' water. This plant can be easily propagated by leaf cuttings so you can multiply your family of snake plants or give them away as a gift. This particular variety has a green outline and green streaks on a predominately yellow leave, giving this plant a reversed look. The roots of this plant are thick tubers that hold on to the water for extended periods. It's very sensitive to over-watering, so be sure to only water when the soil is dry.

Order Contains


The height of the plant is 1 Ft approx.


The size of Pot is 4 Inch approx. The colour of the pot may vary as per the availability.

Soil Mixture 

The Plant soil is a mixture of cocopeat, red soil, sand and vermiculture.

General Care

The main thing to avoid with this plant is overwatering, so only water (avoiding the crown) when the compost gets quite dry. In winter you can cut back even more and only water every month or two and keep temperatures above 10°C. Repot every few years when the roots start to split the pot. It is quite common for these plants to have small nicks or scars on their leaves. This does not affect their long term health or vigour in any way.

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