Crassula Ovata In 2 | 3 Inch Pot

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Crassula Ovata - Lucky Plant, Jade Plant, Money Plant. One of the few succulents to fill the indoor space.

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Crassula Ovata also is known as a lucky plant, jade plant, money plant.

Order Contains
PlantThe size of the Plant is as per the selection.   
Pot The size of the pot is per the plant selection. The colour of the pot may vary as per the availability.
Soil Mix The plant soil is a mixture of cocopeat, red soil, vermiculite and slow-releasing fertilizers
In general, succulents are packed and sent just like any other plants. In some special cases, where the ornamental plants' leaves are very delicate and have a high chance of rotting. In such case, the plant is uprooted and their roots are dried and packed separately along with Soil Mixture and Pot. Many people ask how bare-root succulents can survive for 7-8 days without water. The answer is succulents are hardy plants which store the water in fleshy leaves, stems or roots and survive without water for days during the transportation. And we take utmost care of the plants during the packing to minimize the leaves damage during transportation. 

Plant Care

Potting Mixture -   The potting mix should consist of Red Soil, Perlite and Sand/Pumice and Cocopeat in the equal proportion and additional Vermiculture/Cow Dung Manure.

Pot Size - The ideal pot size shall range from 2 Inch to 4 Inch. The succulents have shorter roots, so they do not require bigger pots. Once the roots are grown in smaller pots it creates root bonding which helps in faster growth.

Watering - Watering succulent plants should not be very frequently. They should only be watered once when the soil is completely dry.

Pesticide - In general, mealybug is the enemies of the succulents. Movento can be used once in a weak. Read instructions carefully before use.

Fertilizer - 19-19-19 water-soluble shall be used once in 15 days.

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